Please Stop Commenting on How White My Kids Are (Japan)


It happened again. Someone saw my face, a white Caucasian mother, and then looked at my kids, half Japanese, half American, and they immediately said, “Oh, they’re so white!” Then they smirked. Then they walked away. Well, the fact of the matter is my kids are not so white that it has to be commented on every. single. time. If these words were sincere, maybe I could stomach it, but 9.9/10 it’s said with bad intentions to create a wall that I just can’t seem to climb over. Continue reading


Avoiding Burnout While Raising Toddlers in Japan


You love them, but boy, do they wear you down. Having toddlers is hard enough, but when you add the pressures of an international marriage and a foreign country into the mix, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Here are some things that I do to survive the toddler years here in Japan. Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Just Leave the TV On with Kids Around (Japan)


Did you ever wonder about the effects the TV has on your kids mind? Do all those flashing images actually affect them? Or are all those conspiracy theorists just making stuff up to scare you again? In a world that is slowly deteriorating, I would strongly advise you to reconsider your television-viewing habits, especially when kids are in the room. Continue reading

Some Things to Make Your Home Happier in Japan and Everywhere


Here is a list of things that has helped my international marriage survive the blaze of the toddler years. It’s not always easy, but for those of us with faith in God, we will make it through no matter what the outcome!

Put God First

Make time with God a priority. The Bible says to seek Him and his Kingdom first and then all of those other things you’re worrying about will fall into place. Whenever I have been in trouble in my life, God has always been there to pull me through, but I had┬áto earnestly seek him in those times! Continue reading