August 22nd Update:

I’ve got a new post up about packing a suitcase in case you have to flee Japan!

Oh, and I just thought of this today, but some of my links to my other posts are probably broken now, because I changed the URLs. I’ll get around to fixing that eventually… As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

August 19th Update:

Alright. I finally switched my slugs (URL addresses). I read some advice saying that you should just cut out words like, “in, but, to, etc,” because the search engines cut them out anyway. If you find yourself here, because the link from the search engine didn’t work, please refer to the menu or search bar to find the article you are looking for! It might take a few weeks for everything to get back to normal.

Horribly sorry for the inconvenience!

August 18th Update:

Yay! Another post finished! I finished a new chapter to the Two Faces of Japan. I am sure there are a whole lot more points then what I mentioned, but we have to keep the posts short, right?

I also spent time correcting this post about Japanese Marriage Statistics. I’m learning how to do infographics, which can be really fun, but also time-consuming.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Pray for Japan! They need it!

August 15th Update:

Yay! I got another post up. I’m still not done with the new chapter of the Two Faces of Japan, but it’s close!

I added some “ad” buttons at the bottom of the front page for my other blogs. It’s been really fun to create things! I’m feeling positive about the progress so far and will continue with the mindset of “slow and steady wins the race!”

August 12th Update:

I finally finished the logo!!! Aaaand the font to go with it! I would really advise fellow bloggers to be careful about what fonts/pictures/etc they use, because so much stuff is copyrighted! I’m trying to get all of this out of the way now, so I don’t run into any problems later. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to writing soon.

I’m almost done with a new chapter of the Two Faces of Japan and have been updating the other blogs’ formats extensively, so look forward to the changes ahead!

August 10th Update:

Still no word from The New Living Bible about copyright issues. I won’t be able to update the Bible section until then.

I’m literally making a font from scratch, (almost done!) so I haven’t been able to change around everything. I’m slowly yet surely updating the pictures and such! Thanks for checking in and have a great day!

August 8th Update:

Copyright, Copyright, Copyright.

I have to redo the logo! T_T Might as well redo the layout again too, I guess… I don’t like the photo credit at the bottom of the page. I’ll be switching over to WordPress.org eventually anyway, but boy, has this been a huge pain! I might be writing a post for fellow bloggers out there later to help them avoid so many of the mistakes I’ve made! I hate all these roadblocks! More time wasted. God help and guide us all!

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